Tunic Tops for Plus Size Women

One of my favorite tunic tops for plus size women! It comes in lots of colors, in sizes up to 32 plus.

I love tunic tops! Plus size women are often more comfortable with long tops, especially after a certain age! I have a big bottom and hips, and I was raised in a time before that was fashionable. I like to be covered “back there!” ┬áIf you do too, or if you are just looking for some long tunic tops to wear with leggings, you’ve come to the right place! On this page I am going to showcase my favorite tunic tops for plus size women.

My Favorite Tunic Top in Plus Size

This may be my all-time favorite tunic top (shown at left). It’s simple and neat, well-made and comes in lots of colors. Most importantly, it has that essential derriere coverage!

The Amazon reviews for this top are excellent. While a few women complain about the boxy shape, most rave about how much they LOVE this top! Several of them mention that this top is nice enough to wear to work. I would definitely wear this to work. My last job site was a school, so maybe more on the casual side than some offices, but this top certainly has a classic and neat appearance to be work-appropriate and professional.

The tunic top comes in seven solid colors, four stripes and one green “animal” print. The solid colors are black, white, navy, turquoise, orange, bright red and lilac. The stripes are black and white, orange and white, pink and sorbet, and purple and lilac. Lots of choices!

One of the best things about this top is the broad range of available sizes. It comes in sizes 12 plus to 32 plus. Some of those sizes are hard to find, so I appreciate that on behalf of my readers.

Ethnic Tunic Top in Plus Size

I love this tunic top for plus size women in an ethnic print!

Here is a tunic top I would love to wear! I love ethnic prints, and I am partial to blue. The v-neck is nice, especially for those of us whose neckline is, shall we say, a bit softer than it used to be. I also really like those side slits. They not only provide more forgiveness in the hip area, but they also give the leg a longer and leaner appearance. Bring on the side slits!

I am partial to blue, but this comes in five different prints. One of them only seems to be available in the smallest sizes. Otherwise, they go up to size 5X. You should order by bust measurement rather than your usual size to make sure your new top fits properly.

This top would be cute with leggings or jeans. I like wearing tunic tops loose; but, it could be belted if that is more your style. A long pendant would be a nice addition, as well.

I will probably order the blue one, and might get the gold one also. I could see this becoming one of my favorite summer tops.

Tunic Tops Plus Size

tunic tops plus size women
A cute tunic top for plus size women!

This is a fun tunic top from Allegra K! The fabric is so soft and comfortable, women say it is like wearing pajamas. It might feel as comfy as your favorite pajama top, but there the comparison ends. This top is cute, and certainly covered enough to wear for running errands. Pair it with white jeans or black leggings! You are ready for a day at the mall!

You can machine wash this pullover top inside out.

This top comes in sizes 1X to 3X. The best thing is the affordable price!

Love the cute, plus size model? So do I! I wish more companies would hire larger women to model their plus size clothes. After all, we want to know what these items are going to look like on US! We should show some love to those companies who do use big models. Don’t you agree?!

More Tunic Tops for Plus Size Women

If you like tunic tops, be sure to check out these empire tunic tops for plus size women!

If you didn’t find the top you were looking for, here are some other styles from Amazon, where you can find lots and lots of tunic tops for plus size women. You are sure to find something to please there!

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