statement jewelry for work

Statement Jewelry for Work — Make an Impact at the Office!

statement jewelry for work
Gorgeous statement necklace for work

Statement jewelry for work is very important to the professional wardrobe of a plus size woman. A good statement necklace will draw the eye away from your problem areas and make you look well put together.

Small and dainty jewelry looks best on women or girls who are small and dainty. We are large and powerful women! We need to wear large and powerful necklaces, bracelets and earrings!

Make an impact wherever you go!! Make sure your jewelry makes a statement!!


When buying statement jewelry for work:

  • Look for colorful pieces that will stand out
  • Coordinate the colors with your outfit
  • Choose colors that will enhance your own coloring
  • Keep your jewelry in scale with your body
  • Avoid jewelry that dangles or makes noise in a professional setting


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Professional Statement Jewelry for Work

statement jewelry for work
Click the photo to see this beautiful statement necklace for work!

This gorgeous necklace will be a fantastic addition to your professional wardrobe, and is sure to become a favorite!

I like this for the office, because it is simple. It makes a statement without being too loud. It doesn’t have a lot of bling dangling off of it to distract people from what you have to say. It simply makes you look polished and professional, which is exactly what you want!

It comes in eleven different color combinations including black, yellow, bright green, in addition to the mint and turquoise shown here.

The necklace has wonderful reviews on Amazon. Over 150 customers have reviewed this piece, with over 80% giving it a positive review.

For the price of this piece, I think it would be hard to go wrong! It is very low cost, but at the same time is not cheaply made.

A special consideration for us larger women is whether the necklace is long enough for us. This piece has a 3-inch extender built in, so you can adjust it to the proper length to look flattering on your body.

Turquoise Statement Jewelry for Work

statement jewelry for work
Click the photo to buy this gorgeous turquoise statement necklace!

I really love this beautiful necklace! I am partial to turquoise. Anything blue! But, this is definitely one of my favorite stones.

This is nice and simple for work, but also bold enough to make a statement and capture attention. There is also a bracelet and earrings that you can buy to match the necklace if you are into sets.

One thing I really like about this piece is that it is large. That big stone on the bottom of the necklace is between 2 and 2.5 inches across.

That is a good size that is going to be in proportion with a larger woman’s body.

Here are a few coordinating pieces you can buy to go with this necklace! The pendant is beautiful, and would allow you to switch up your look from time to time, or wear the earrings and bracelet with other outfits.

 TS Ethnic Wind Turquoise Pendant Necklace Tagoo Silver Alloy and Turquoise Square Bracelets TS Inlaid Turquoise Teardrop Shaped Earrings


How to Choose Statement Jewelry

Here’s a good reference when choosing necklance length

How long do you want your necklace to be?

Do you have trouble deciding on which necklace to order, because you are unsure how long the piece is going to be when you put it on? I have this problem sometimes. After some experience, I feel pretty comfortable knowing where my new necklace is going to fall on my body before I order it.

You can also refer to this handy chart. Typically, us plus size ladies are going to need to add 3 inches to the length of our necklaces to make them fall at the appropriate part of our bodies.

Most of the necklaces shown on this page have the extenders built in. If you find a necklace that is too short for you, you can buy necklace extenders like this one to add the necessary length.

 Tatiana Bib Necklace and Earring Set Kaymen Jewelry Luxury Gold Plated Copper Chians and Crystal Stone Knit Statement Choker Necklaces for Women 4 Colors Mosaic Tribal Circles Malachite Stones Statement Necklace


Red Statement Jewelry for Work

statement jewelry for work
Click the picture to buy this red statement necklace!

Make your point in this powerful necklace!

Red is a power color in the business world! So, when you have an important meeting or business deal to pull off, reach for this statement necklace!

Put on some bright red lipstick and take charge of that negotiation like the boss you are!

I think I may have had a necklace like this in the 80’s! Yes, this is one of those retro pieces that proves that everything old is new again!

This necklace has the 3-inch extender built into the chain. Adjust it to the length that suits you best!

Below are some more red pieces appropriate for wearing to work.

 Double Laced Red Triangular Stone Pendant Womens Lobster Clasp Necklace Jane Stone Fashion Statement Triangle Earrings Studs Party Funky Punk Jewelry Ethnic Braided Candy Stone Beads Statement Necklace and Earring Sets for Women – Red



I hope you have found this information about statement jewelry for work helpful! I try to provide useful information, along with products that I think you will like. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think, and what you would like to see here!