Fall in Love With Plus Size Maxi Dresses for Summer

Plus Size Maxi Dresses for Summer

I Love Plus Size Maxi Dresses for Summer!

And, I bet you will too, once you see the adorable and sexy dresses for 2017!!!

An easy way to look stylish and put together, is to slip on a plus size maxi dress this summer. This is one of my favorite outfits to wear in hot weather. It is simple and easy to wear. All you need are some cute sandals, and a little jewelry, and you look nice for an afternoon of shopping, a summer festival or an evening party.

I wrote previously about one of my favorite maxi dresses, which works for me year around. Even though it is denim, it is still comfortable to wear when the weather is hot. I take it with me when I go to West Africa. I’ve worn it in both Guinea and Senegal, and I would really miss it if I no longer had it. It travels well and is easy to dress up or down.

Bohemian Maxi Dresses in Plus Size

Sexy Plus Size Maxi Dresses for Summer!

Roamans Women's Plus Size Striped Tier DressRoamans Women’s Plus Size Striped Tier Dress

I simply love this dress! It has everything going for it. First of all, it is 100% cotton. You can’t beat that on a hot, summer day.

Secondly, it has a great, Bohemian vibe. I love the colors!

It has a nice, long length, which is a consideration for me. I am over 5’6″ so sometimes dresses that are supposed to be long, end up a little short on me. This baby is 55 inches, which is perfect for my height.

Finally, the price is awesome! Quite affordable! I am getting ready to place my order!

This dress is available in sizes 14/16 plus to 30/32 plus. Roaman’s sizing tends to run a tad large, so order a size or two down.

One of the cutest plus size maxi dresses for summer!

Women's Plus Size A-Line Maxi DressWomen’s Plus Size A-Line Maxi Dress

This colorful dress is super cute! I am very tempted to order this one also. These orangey tones are not my colors, but it is also available in similar prints only in pink and maroon tones. Totally right for this fair-skinned girl! If prints are not your style, it also comes in black or white.

Like any good Boho dress, this one is 100% cotton. It is available in extended plus sizes from 14 plus to 34 plus. This brand also runs large, so order down a size or two.


Jessica London Dresses in Plus Size

My favorite plus size dress designer!

Jessica London Women's Plus Size Long V-Neck Dolman DressJessica London Women’s Plus Size Long V-Neck Dolman Dress

I would wear this dress all summer! I have a similar dress that is solid gray, and I wear it all the time. I even wear it in the fall with a sweater.

This pretty maxi dress is just as versatile as mine, with its subtle, navy chevron print. It is also available in coral.

It is suitable to wear to work or church, but could also be dressed down for a picnic or dressed up a bit for a casual party.

The jersey fabric is made of a comfortable rayon, spandex, which is machine washable. So easy for summer!

It comes in sizes 12 plus to 24 plus. The Jessica London dresses are 55 inches long. I am 5’6″ and they usually come to the floor on me.


Jessica London Women's Plus Size Tee Shirt Maxi DressJessica London Women’s Plus Size Tee Shirt Maxi Dress

Another comfortable dress that can go from the office and then out to dinner!  This cute tee shirt dress comes in several different colors and prints, so you can pick the one that is the most flattering for your coloring and express your personality.

I love this aquamarine color, but the mosaic print is also nice. And, the black seems to be very popular as well.

This dress really lends itself to being dressed up or down with your favorite accessories. It would be great for traveling! You could wear it several times with different accessories, and it would look like a different dress!

This dress comes in sizes 12 to 30 plus. It is so hard to find cute dresses in these extended sizes. I am always happy when I am able to help you with that!


Jessica London Women's Plus Size Maxi Wrap DressJessica London Women’s Plus Size Maxi Wrap Dress

One more maxi dress from Jessica London. This one comes in black or this cute, tropical print. This would be perfect for a summer party, or it could take you to lunch with your girl friends!

You can get this fun dress in sizes 12 plus to 28 plus. The fabric is a comfortable polyester/spandex.

Extended Plus Size Dresses

Summer Maxi Dresses in Larger Sizes!

Women's Plus Size Criss-Cross Striped Maxi DressWomen’s Plus Size Criss-Cross Striped Maxi Dress

This exciting dress comes in either red or navy criss-cross stripes. I really do like these cute stripes. They give just a slight nod to the nautical, without looking too precious. Perfect for a summer picnic, or a stroll along the boardwalk!

You can buy this dress in sizes 14/16 to 38 plus. All of the Woman Within garments run large, so it’s a good idea to order down a size or two.

This dress is made from a cool and comfortable, cotton/spandex knit fabric.  It is a little shorter at just 51 inches, so if you are very tall, it may hit mid-calf on you.


Women's Plus Size Scoop Neck Knot Maxi DressWomen’s Plus Size Scoop Neck Knot Maxi Dress

I love this simple tee shirt maxi dress. What could be simpler?! Of course, gray is also my favorite color to wear; and, this sweet dress comes in both heather gray and heather navy.

The dress is also only 51 inches long, which is great for you shorter sisters! On me, I think it would be a bit shorter than maxi length. Too bad, because otherwise it is totally my style!

This is One of the Sexiest Plus Size Maxi Dresses for Summer!!

Roamans Women's Plus Size V-Neck Flared Maxi DressRoamans Women’s Plus Size V-Neck Flared Maxi Dress

If you need a longer dress, this one is 55 inches long, perfect for us taller ladies. This pretty dress comes in either a blue floral print, or a butterfly print in warmer hues. It also comes in solid black, which looks very elegant.

Roamans sizing runs a bit large, so order down a size or two. It comes in sizes 14/16 plus to 34/36 plus.

More Plus Size Maxi Dresses for Summer


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Plus Size Maxi Dresses for Summer
Fall in Love with these Plus Size Maxi Dresses for Summer

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