leather jackets plus size women

Leather Jackets for Plus Size Women

leather jackets plus size women

Fall is coming, and that means it is time to shop for leather jackets for plus size women! A real leather jacket is a big investment for your wardrobe. It is important to shop carefully and make sure you are spending your money wisely.

Don’t make the mistake of buying a trendy jacket that does not flatter your curves. A good leather jacket will last for many years. Invest your money in one that will make you look your best. Then you will want to wear again and again, because you look and feel fabulous!

Take this stylish moto jacket, for example! It makes the woman wearing it look curvy and attractive. It is a well-fitting jacket, but it has one special secret that enhances her curves. Do you see it?

The cut of the garment actually has points at the woman’s waistline that help give her a beautiful, hourglass figure. The jacket is open, and the eye is drawn to the hourglass-shaped opening between the two sides of the garment. Very flattering!

This jacket is from Jessica London. It comes in black, cherry red and dark, olive green. It is available in sizes 12 to 28.

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How to Wear a Moto Jacket

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How Not to Style a Leather Jacket for Plus Size Women

leather jackets plus size women

I put this picture up to show you an example of the danger of wearing a cropped moto jacket when you are a larger woman.

This is not actually a leather jacket. It’s faux leather. And, it’s almost sold out on Amazon, so it’s probably not actually available to buy either. I’m just using it as an example.

This jacket has a nice vertical line up the front, in terms of the bold zipper. That is good. It also has epaulets on the shoulders, which help draw the eye up, and also gives a horizontal line to the shoulders. All of this is helpful. I am not saying don’t buy a jacket like this; I am saying be careful how you style it, because you can accidentally get a look you might not be going for.

When you look at this woman’s picture, where does your eye go? If you are like me, it goes to the place where the pink jacket meets the black pants. My eyes go from that strong line that cuts this lady in half, to the zipper patch pockets that are sitting right on her belly. In fact, my eye goes back and forth between those pockets, emphasizing her width.

The neckline is not really helping her either. It is nothing but another horizontal line that cuts her head off from the outfit. If she added a scarf, it could help pull the outfit together, add vertical or diagonal lines, and soften the neckline.

In general, remember, horizontal lines cut a person’s body up, making them look shorter and wider. Vertical lines are generally slimming, and diagonal lines are the most flattering of all. How many horizontal lines do you see on this jacket? Adding more vertical lines with accessories can be a big help!

This is an example of what not to do when plus size women are styling leather jackets (or any cropped jacket). It’s kind of a risky thing. It would be even worse if this lady had a large tummy, because she would be cutting her tummy area right in half, and drawing everyone’s eyes to the part of her body that is possibly not her best feature.

There is nothing wrong with having a belly. I have one; but, it’s not my favorite feature and I don’t want to call attention to it with the way I dress. I always feel like I look like Humpty Dumpty when I put on something that fits me this way. I promise, that is not a look I am going for!

leather jackets plus size women

This outfit does a better job, even though the top is all one color. The wide lapels draw the eye up. This jacket is also a great choice for women who are larger on the bottom, or who want to make their tops look bigger. The extra fabric in the waterfall collar adds bulk to the bustline.

A better idea would have been to wear a jacket the same color as the pants, or at least in the same color family (a gray jacket with black pants, for example). Then accessorize the neckline with a bright scarf to draw the eye up to her face.

Alternatively, she could have opened the jacket and put a black tank on under it. Then accessorized with a scarf or a statement necklace. Then the eye would have traveled up from her black pants to her narrow top, and right up to her face. She would look a lot more put together and appealing.

So, a word to the wise! Be careful when wearing a cropped moto jacket that you don’t cut yourself in half. Stay away from the Humpty Dumpty look!

Style Leather Jackets for Plus Size Women This Way!

leather jackets plus size womenHere is an example of a better way to wear the cropped leather jacket for plus size women! The style is similar to the pink one shown above. They are both cropped moto jackets, but this outfit looks better for several reasons.

    1. The color is in the same family as the black pants and tank she is wearing. This is less shocking to the eye.
    2. Look at all the vertical lines that are going on here. In addition to the jacket being open, creating one large vertical line up the woman’s torso, there is a long, vertical line to the write of the placard.
    3. The hip pockets are not patch pockets with horizontal zippers. Instead, this jacket has slash pockets, closed with diagonal zippers. Diagonal lines are almost always slimming.
    4. The woman here is wearing all one color with the jacket. The black pants and top create one long, unbroken line, making her look taller and slimmer.
    5. The neckline of this jacket creates a V-shape, which is always slimming. In addition, the collar provides more diagonal lines.
    6. The cut of the jacket is more flattering. It is cut in at the waist, giving her a feminine curvy figure. Take a look at the back to see what I mean.
      leather jackets plus size women

Look for jackets that will work with your body and existing wardrobe to give you an attractive, put-together look. With a different pair of pants, a nice pair of dress slacks or an A-line skirt, this lady would very professional and polished for the office.

A Colorful Leather Jacket for Plus Size Women

leather jackets plus size women

This lady’s outfit is also a fashion do! Her jacket is similar to the other pink one shown above, but the way she has styled it looks much more attractive.

This jacket is a little bit longer, so it falls on a more flattering part of the hips. I am not sure this woman actually has a tummy problem, but let’s pretend she does. Instead of going straight across her tummy , the jacket falls below this problem area. By gliding over these bulges, it is as if they don’t exist.

Her top and jacket are about the same length, creating a cleaner line. This is much more attractive than wearing a top that hangs down lower than the jacket, and less choppy than a top that is shorter. She looks well put together!

Although her jacket and top are different colors from her jeans, they are similar in intensity, and her top half is brightly colored which draws your eye up.

She is wearing her leather jacket over a pink and white striped top. These horizontal stripes would probably not be flattering, but by layering this jacket over, she creates a narrow focal point for the eye. The vertical line of the top, combined with the diagonal lines of the zipper, make the eye bounce up and down along her torso, creating the illusion that she is taller and thinner than she actually is.

This pretty, leather jacket is from Jessica London, my favorite plus-size designer. It is available in sizes 12 to 32. It comes in 11 fashionable color choices to match your wardrobe: pink, white, black, moss green, navy, oasis (a lighter and brighter blue), red ochre, orange, slate (gray), plus and lilac.

More Leather Jackets for Plus Size Women

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Keep in mind that rules are meant to be broken. These are just suggestions that will help you manage the aesthetics of your outfit, if that is important to you. The important thing is that you feel confident. My grandmother used to say, “If you feel like you look good, you will!” Attitude is everything!

I hope this post has been helpful to you as you shop for leather jackets for plus size women!