fruit loom plus size briefs

Fruit of the Loom Plus Size Panties

Looking for Fruit of the Loom plus size panties? You have certainly come to the right place!

Fruit of the Loom panties are not only an economical choice, they are also comfortable and hygienic. They were my favorite panties for years!

I prefer cotton underwear for so many reasons. For one thing, they are healthier! Certain parts of the body need good air circulation to stay healthy, and cotton breathes.

For this same reason, cotton underwear feels cooler in hot weather and warmer in cold weather. At least it does to me. My husband says this is just my imagination. What does he know?! LOL

Fruit of the Loom plus size panties come in several different styles, including briefs, hipsters, boyshorts, thongs and bikinis. Which ones are your favorite? I’ll show you my preferences; but, first…

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Fruit of the Loom Plus Size Briefs

fruit loom plus size briefs
100% cotton Fruit of the Loom Plus Size Briefs

It can be hard to find 100% cotton briefs anymore. Everything seems to be made with a polyester or spandex blend. I don’t know about you, but those stretchy panties make me itch. Give me my old-fashioned cotton panties any day of the week!

I did the hunting for you! These are the plain old Fruit of the Loom plus size briefs you love, in 100% cotton fabric. No stretchiness added.

These panties might not win any beauty contests, but they are as comfortable as all get out.  So, call them granny pants if you want, they actually make me happy. Who wants to go around feeling distracted all day by itchy, uncomfortable underpants? Not me!

These 100% cotton briefs come in all white, or assorted colors. Just a head’s up! You probably won’t get the colors shown in the picture, if you order assorted. If you want to pick your colors, you will probably have to drive down to the big box store and sort through their selection. Why do they always put the largest sizes on the bottom row next to the floor? Don’t they know we big gals have trouble getting down there and back up again?! Gee whiz!!

They are available in sizes XX-Large (9) to XXXXXX-Large (13). Some smaller sizes are listed also.

Fruit of the Loom Hi-Cut Panties

Fruit of the Loom Plus Size Panties
Cotton Hi-Cut Fruit of the Loom Plus Size Panties

This is my favorite style of underwear! I love hi-cut panties. I have a pear-shaped body, and this style seems to fit me the best. They have larger leg openings than the regular briefs, so I don’t get the chafing that is sometimes a problem with the smaller leg openings. They also are cut to make more room for my larger rear end.

If you also have a larger bottom half, you should give this style a try and see if it works for you. It might be the most comfortable cut for your body shape.

If you click through, you can choose your colors and prints with this listing. Unfortunately, I don’t see any that are all solid colors or all white at this time.

This underwear comes in sizes 9 to 13.

Fruit of the Loom Plus Size Hipster Panties

Fruit of the Loom Plus Size Hipster Panties

If you are looking for plus size hipster panties, you know they can be hard to find. These are 100% cotton, and hit just above the hip.

They are available in sizes 9 to 13. Unfortunately, you can’t pick your colors or prints at this time. But, I think you get a good price on this basic package of panties. You get five pairs in each pack.

I don’t have too much to say about this style. It’s not my favorite. My daughter has a rectangle-shape, and this is her preferred style. With my shape, I find my belly pushing the top elastic down and then falling out. But, if your shape is different, this could be the best style for you. Give it a try!

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