Plus Size Flannel Nightgowns for Women



When shopping for plus size flannel nightgowns, women have a number to choose from. This cozy nightie is not your grandmother’s nightgown anymore! Now we have choices!

If you want a long, Victorian nightgown, that is available. If you prefer to stay away from ruffles and frills, you can. Now you can express your personality and still enjoy the pleasure of curling up in a soft gown on a cold night!

Warm, Plus Size Flannel Nightgowns for Women

PajamaGram Women's Raspberry Plaid Flannel NightgownPajamaGram Women’s Raspberry Plaid Flannel Nightgown
I love the gown shown in the picture on the left. It has great reviews on Amazon. It’s very long, which is an issue for me. I am 5’6″ and the problem I have with long nightgowns is that they often draw up. They start out long enough, then they seem to shrink every time I wash them until by springtime they are up to my knees!

Not so with this one, apparently. According to reviewers, it does shrink a little bit with the first wash; but, after that it stays long. Some shorter women mentioned the length, and that they have to lift it while going up stairs; but, they also liked the fact that it was long enough to cover their feet while they were sitting curled up. That is a definite benefit!

A few people mentioned the sleeves being a bit long; but, said if they roll them up a time or two, they are just fine. I would personally roll them up when cooking or using the laptop, then turn them back down for relaxing.  Maybe they are long enough to pull my hands inside! That would be wonderful. My house is cold in the winter!

It is available in raspberry plaid or red plaid at this time. It comes in Misses sizes small and extra-small, to Plus sizes 1X to 3X. It is made of 100% cotton flannel. It has one pocket on the left side of the chest.

Long Flannel Nightgowns in Plus Size

National Women's Striped Flannel NightgownNational Women’s Striped Flannel Nightgown

If you are a lady who likes ruffles, here you go! This one reminds me of the long flannel nightgowns of my childhood! I remember the pleasure of coming in from the cold, taking a warm bath, then getting into my cozy flannel nightie. It is one of the greatest feelings there is. One of life’s simple pleasures!

I am glad they still make these warm nightgowns, so we can enjoy this wonderful sensation in adulthood!

Several reviews on Amazon rave about the thick flannel fabric of this gown. This nightgown is very warm!

It comes in blue, pink, aqua green and lilac purple stripes; and is available in sizes 1X to 3X.

Why not order two, so you can wear one and wash the other one? Then you will always be ready to curl up with a good book and a mug of your favorite hot beverage on a cold, winter night! No more shivering under the covers, either!

This is sleepwear that kept your grandmother warm in the days before central heating, and it will work just as well in our modern houses!



Victorian Plus Size Flannel Nightgown

Carole Floral Flannel Gown, PlusCarole Floral Flannel Gown, Plus

This is a very pretty nightie! It is sweet floral print that reminds me of wildflowers. It is trimmed in white lace.

The gown has a flounced hem, to help cover your feet. I like the high, closed neck. So many clothing designers try to freeze us with plunging necklines! The sleeves are gathered with elastic at the cuffs to keep your arms warm.

The fabric is 100% cotton flannel. You can expect it to shrink a bit when washed, so wisely order up a size or two to adjust for that.

This nightgown is an affordable price, yet it is well-made and durable. One of the reviewers at Amazon mentioned she has been wearing this gown for three years and it is holding up well.

It comes in sizes small to large, and sizes 1X to 3X.




More Cheap, Plus Size Flannel Nightgowns for Women

Most of the nightgowns shown below are available in sizes up to 6X! The prices are affordable too!

 Printed Flannel Gown – Misses Sizes AmeriMark Women’s Floral Flannel Gown Plaid Flannel Lounger


More Plus Size Flannel Nightgowns for Women

Dreams & Co. Women's Plus Size Soft Cotton Flannel LoungerDreams & Co. Women’s Plus Size Soft Cotton Flannel Lounger

I love this cute flannel nightgown in plus size for women! It is made by Dreams & Company, which is a good manufacturer of plus size sleepwear.

No ruffles here! This cozy gown is definitely my style! I like the simple neckline and the ribbed cuffs on the long sleeves. I like to push my sleeves up, the way that is shown in the photo, when I am working. I also like the fact that there are two side pockets. That’s handy!

I believe I would order this turquoise plaid, but there is also a red snowflake pattern if you prefer. This gown comes in sizes medium to 3X.

Amazon reviewers love this nightgown, although one critical review did complain that it was larger than she expected it to be. Personally, I like my nightgowns roomy, so that wouldn’t bother me. But, if it is an issue for you, you might want to order down from your normal size.



More Plus Size Winter Nightgowns

I hope you have found a plus size flannel nightgown here that you love. If you would like to see more, check out my post on plus size flannel nightshirts.

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