Denim Maxi Dresses for Plus Size Women

Denim Dresses for Women in Plus Size

I love this versatile denim maxi dress in plus size! You will too!

If you are looking for a denim maxi dress in a plus size, I recommend this one without reservation! I bought this dress last summer in the indigo color. It quickly became one of my favorite year-around dresses.

I took this dress with me to West Africa in December. I was there for almost three months, during the hottest season of the year. While the weather was nearly 100 degrees F during the majority of my trip, this dress kept me much cooler than the knit dress that I brought with me. I was truly surprised, as I always think of denim as being hot. I was actually very comfortable wearing this dress through all of that hot, humid weather.

In the cooler months, back in the USA, I layer this dress. I can wear a sweater or shrug over it one day; a pretty blouse worn as a jacket, another day. When the weather is really chilly, I can wear it over a turtleneck, slip on a pair of tights, and stay toasty warm.

It is also so easy to accessorize this simple dress! Because, it is so basic and has such clean lines, it lends itself to variety of styles. I can dress it up or down, and it works! This dress has been a wonderful addition to my wardrobe, and a great investment too.

My husband loves this dress too! He says it looks great on me. He has proclaimed me a smart shopper, and is very pleased with this purchase.

My Denim Maxi Dress in Plus Size

Here I am in Conakry, Guinea on a very hot day, wearing my denim, plus-size dress.

One of the things I hate about online shopping, as a plus size woman, is that the models are almost always slender. If not skinny, at least they are skinner than I am. It makes it hard to visualize how the dress would look on someone of my shape and size. I always wish they would just show ordinary women wearing the plus-size dresses.

So, I would like to share with you some photos of me wearing this dress. I normally wear a 1X or 2X. I ordered this in size 18. I took my measurements before ordering, and chose the size that was closest to my measurements or a bit larger.

I am 5’6″ and the length was perfect for me. I had no need to hem the skirt at all.

You can see that the dress is very slenderizing and just skims the figure. I have a prominent tummy, but this frock hides that very well. It also gives my bustline a nice shape, even though it doesn’t always look as nice as it does in this dress.

denim maxi dress plus size
A young friend and I celebrating my daughter’s birthday in Conakry, Guinea. My plus size denim maxi dress was a perfect choice for the evening!



I have a big rear and full hips. In my youth, I had a pear-shaped figure. I was worried this dress might not accommodate that part of my body. As you can see, it flows perfectly over that area with plenty of fullness left over.

I love this dress so much that I am going to be ordering some of the other colors this summer.  In addition to indigo, which is shown here, it is available in white, bright pink, bleach wash (light blue), and a floral print. They all look pretty nice! It might be difficult to select just one! Even if I buy two, I know that I will get plenty of wear out of these dresses.

This denim plus-size dress comes in sizes 12 plus to 32 plus, and tends to run a bit large. So, be sure to measure yourself before ordering!

More Denim Maxi Dresses for Plus Size Women

Here are some more choices, if you love denim dresses as much as I do! Have fun shopping!


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