Cotton House Dresses for Women — Perfect for Summer!

cotton house dresses for women
Cuddling a friend in Guinea Conakry, wearing my cotton house dress!

Cotton house dresses for women are very popular to wear for doing chores or lounging, especially in the summertime. It’s one of the favorite summer styles for women over 50. I have a few of these dresses that I like wearing in the summer.

To the left is a photo of me in Conakry, Guinea, cuddling my husband’s little nephew. It was about 95 degrees Fahrenheit that evening (no air conditioning, of course), but my cotton seersucker house dress kept me cool and comfortable!

Cotton house dresses are nice to wear during hot weather, simply to stay cool. Not only do I travel to West Africa a lot, but my house in Kentucky is not air conditioned. If you have ever been to Kentucky in July and August, you know how hot and humid it gets! Temperatures up to around 110 degrees, with nearly 100 percent humidity are not unheard of. Sometimes this can go on for a week or more. Ugh!

I slip into my simple, cotton house dresses, sit under my ceiling fan, sip a cold drink, and it is bearable. Thank goodness for my house dresses!

Pretty Cotton House Dresses for Women

National Mosaic Print Crinkle DressNational Mosaic Print Crinkle Dress

I think you will like this cute dress made of crinkle cotton, which is always popular. I love the print! Blue is always cool! It also comes in grape or black.

This comfortable house dress comes in sizes 1x to 3x, and is made of 100% cotton crinkle cloth. It is thick enough that you won’t need a slip under it. That’s always appreciated in hot weather!

It is getting harder to find these dresses in 100% cotton. Usually manufacturers use fabric that is a polyester blend. So, I am always excited to find a pretty summer dress that is all cotton.

Give this one a try! You will be glad you have it in your closet during the next heat wave!

Cotton House Dresses with Dot Trim

Flattering Batik DressFlattering Batik Dress

This 100% cotton house dress is definitely one of my favorites! I adore the pretty print on this dress!

Who doesn’t love a dress with pockets? This one has two, one on each side seam.

This dress comes in four colors:  purple, blue, turquoise and pink.

It comes in sizes small to 5X. It runs true to size, so you can feel confident ordering your usual size.

Pretty Floral House Dress

National Tropical Print Dress - Misses, WomensNational Tropical Print Dress – Misses, Womens

If you are a woman who enjoys wearing bright colors, you are going to love this cotton house dress for women! It is covered with colorful, tropical flowers and butterflies. Just right for hot weather!

This dress is 100% cotton. It is a heavier-weight cotton than some of the other dresses shown here. It might feel a little stiff when you first get it, but after washing it a few times it will soften up. This could become your favorite dress to wear around the house and yard!

The color is called pink floral, but you should think in terms of magenta, bright orange, lime green and turquoise. It’s bright!

It comes in sizes small to 3X. Several customers mentioned that it runs a bit large, especially through the shoulders, so you should consider ordering a size smaller than usual.

You will enjoy wearing this cheerful, floral house dress!

How to Accessorize a House Dress

If you like these cotton house dresses for women, don’t miss my post, Plus Size House Dresses for Women Over 50 . And, see Plus Size Cotton Sundresses, if you like sleeveless house dresses!

This video has some great tips for accessorizing these dresses in the Hawaiian style!!

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    1. I agree with you. I’m so hot natured. These dresses are the best! They keep you cool, and you are still dressed if someone drops by. Love them!

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