Christmas Gifts for Women Over 50

Christmas Gift Ideas for Women Over 50

Need Christmas gifts for women over 50? Or, maybe you would like to treat yourself this holiday season! If so, I have some great gift ideas for you! Especially if you have a fashion lover on your list.

Here are the top Christmas gifts for fashion lovers over 50 for 2016, just in case you need a few helpful hints. We can all use a little help sometimes, especially during the hectic shopping season. I hope I can save you some time during these stressful weeks!

I am a woman over 50, and I know what I like. If I like it, chances are, another lady over 50 will like it too. I also know what my friends like to receive for Christmas. I have even asked around to find out exactly what ladies over 50 are asking for this year. In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with any of these great gifts! So, let’s get started!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Women Over 50

Top Christmas Gifts for Women Over 50

A Beautiful Scarf is Always Welcome!!

 Threads 4 Thought Women’s Suzani Dreams Wrap

How about a beautiful scarf in her favorite colors?! These big scarves are a fabulous addition to any woman’s wardrobe. It is impossible to have too many! They are so versatile.

My friends and I love scarves! There are so many ways to wear them, and they certainly spice up a simple wardrobe. For this reason, they are perfect for a lady who travels.

But, really, they are great for any woman. Who doesn’t love an amazing scarf?!

And, the best thing is that no matter what your budget, you can find a gorgeous scarf to fit your price range: from under a dollar to triple digits!

I am showing you just a few choices. If you would like to see more, click here!



An Awesome Tote is Most Appreciated!!

 Hynes Victory Womens Tassels Large Tote Handbag with Pouch Purse

I absolutely LOVE this tote, and I would be THRILLED if someone got this for me for Christmas! This bag is amazing!!

Don’t care for brown? It comes in five other colors, including black, grey, burgandy, chocolate, and a light pinkish color called Shallow Earth. They are all gorgeous. I just happen to be partial to this color.

You can click here and read the description of this bag, and all the fantastic reviews! But, don’t forget to check out all the discounts you can get when you complete the ensemble with other matching pieces.

This tote is very moderately priced, so depending on your budget, you can probably afford to surprise her with the matching duffel.

Or, use your discount to save on a gift for yourself! Merry Christmas!!!


A Gorgeous Umbrella that’s a Work of Art!!

 MoMA Starry Night Umbrella, Full Size

An umbrella is a practical gift that is especially appreciated when it is a gorgeous work of art, like this one! She is sure to get plenty of compliments when she carries this umbrella on a rainy day!

Pick out one that reflects her personality, whether artsy, playful, whimsical or conservative. No need to settle for a Plain Jane umbershoot, when there are so many artistic ones to choose from.

I am partial to the old-fashioned style with the curved handle like this, but maybe your lady prefers a collapsible style that she can stash in her tote. Whatever her preference, you are sure to be able to accommodate her personal style, as well as your budget!

A Nice Wallet is Practical!!

 Itslife Women’s Large Capacity Luxury Wax Genuine Leather Clutch Wallet Card Holder Ladies Purse

She’s going to love her new wallet! This is a gift that I hope someone will give me this Christmas. If they don’t, I will have to buy one for myself, because my old one is no longer adequate.

Since I am dreaming of a new wallet, I took my time shopping for the one I liked best. And, this is it! I really like the size of this wallet. It is nice and roomy, with lots of slots for all my cards, a change pocket, spaces for my check book and paper money.

I need my wallet to have RFID blocking technology, and this one does. My old one does not have it, and I always feel a bit vulnerable about that. It’s time to bring my stuff into the 21st century!!

Update! I bought myself this wallet!! My husband bought me a computer for Christmas, so I bought myself this wallet. It arrived today.

Oh, man! I have to tell you: I LOVE THIS WALLET!!!

First of all, it came in a lovely gift box, nicely packaged. Inside the box, it was wrapped in a soft cloth. The seller had added in a cute owl necklace and a nice-smelling sachet I can tuck into my underwear drawer.

The wallet itself is of great quality. I LOVE all the places I can organize my stuff. Some reviewers had criticized the change pocket, but it is plenty room for the amount of cash I carry with me. Who wants to carry ten dollars worth of change around all the time anyway?!

This wallet comes in nine different colors. Find the one that matches your recipient’s personality!


A Fluffy Bathrobe Everyone Needs!!

 Womens 100% Cotton Shawl Collar Robe Terry Cloth Bathrobe Available In Plus Size

Everyone needs a fluffy bathrobe! After all, we all shower or bathe, and need a cozy robe to wrap up in afterwards.  And, this one is very nice.

It is 100% cotton terry cloth, which is very absorbent. It has two patch pockets and ties in front with its own belt.

When it gets dirty, you can machine wash and dry it. And, you can buy it in either traditional white or in classic navy, in sizes medium to 4X.

She is sure to love it, and will appreciate you every time she slips it on. I guarantee it will get used a lot! Everyday, in fact!

It is perfect to slip into for doing hair and make up in the morning while getting dressed.

Some people even wear them while eating breakfast and drinking their morning coffee.

So, this will be a very useful and well-loved gift!


Wrapping it up!

I hope you found some perfect gifts for women over 50, but just in case you need more ideas, click here for more great Christmas presents for ladies!

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  1. Yes to everything, and I’m not 50 yet! I think anyone could use a refreshed/new scarf every year, but that’s just me. And umbrellas – because no one ever thinks they need a new one until they find their old one all mangled.

  2. I have a unique, pretty umbrella that I requested for Christmas probably 20 years ago. I still get compliments every time I use it! Go ahead and get a fun umbrella!

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