The Best Sports Bras for Plus Size Women

One of the best sports bras for plus size women!

It’s not hard to find the best sports bras for plus size women, if you know where to look for the information. I’ve got you covered!

If you look on Google for information, you will find a number of articles reviewing sports bras for women with big breasts; but, nothing that addresses the needs of the plus size woman.

We are large women, but that doesn’t always mean we have huge breasts. I am a big woman with small breasts. When I was a young woman, I was pear-shaped. Maybe I still qualify, I’m not sure. I have a belly now that I didn’t have back then. But, my shoulders and breasts are still small in proportion to the rest of my figure.

So, how can a plus size woman find the best sports bra for her figure? Well, I hope I can help you with your research so that you could find what you need. I am showcasing the best sports bras that plus size women have given top reviews on Amazon.

Medium-Impact Sports Bras for Plus Size Women

Glamorise Women's Plus-Size Full Coverage Medium Support Sport BraGlamorise Women’s Plus-Size Full Coverage Medium Support Sport Bra

The Glamorise is a great bra for yoga, biking and other medium-impact sports. For running or zumba, you need a more supportive bra than this one. We’ll get to those further down the page. Keep scrolling!

With over 80 positive reviews, I feel comfortable recommending this bra to you. Other women have raved over how comfortable it is. Although a few did complain that it runs small, keep in mind that sports bras are supposed to fit snuggly. That’s how they do their job!

One of the things I like about this bra is that it comes in sizes that will fit women like me: Plus size women with small breasts! This bra comes in band sizes 36 up to 48, and in cup sizes B to G. Yes, you can get this bra in size 48B, and that is no small feat! Ha! Sorry for the pun!

You can choose from black, white or purple.

Custom-Control Sports Bra

Glamorise Women's Double-Layer Custom-Control Sport BraGlamorise Women’s Double-Layer Custom-Control Sport Bra

Whether you enjoy low-, medium- or high impact sports, this bra has got you covered! It actually adjusts to the level of support you need, with hooks above the cups. There are two layers, one that gives your breasts shape, and then a second layer that provides compression to prevent bouncing.

This bra has been around for a while, and has won a lot of fans over the years. It has over 1,700 positive reviews on Amazon. That’s a lot of satisfied customers!

Many large-busted women have excitedly reported that this bra holds them in place while jogging and doing other vigorous forms of exercise.

There are some negative reviews too. Most of these say the bra feels too small, which seems to be a common complaint with all sports bras. They need to fit snugly to prevent the breasts from bouncing.

A few have had complaints about the garment being sewn together incorrectly. With free returns, most were able to correct this problem easily.

This bra comes in band sizes 36 to 46, and cup sizes B to G or H (the largest size is 46G). It is available in four color choices: white, black and white, black and gray, or orange and pink.

The Best Sports Bra for Plus Size Women with a Small Bust

Barbra's 6 Pack of Wirefree Seamless Yoga Bras with Removable PadsBarbra’s 6 Pack of Wirefree Seamless Yoga Bras with Removable Pads

If you are like me, a big lady with small sized breasts, this might be the best sports bra for you, especially if you are doing gentler sports. I’m not sure how these would work for high-impact sports. For activities like yoga, cycling and non-vigorous workouts, these should be fine for small-busted women.

You will get a pack of six plus-size sports bras. These bras will fit up to size 2XL, and A or B cups. If you are smaller than 2X, the cups should stretch to fit a C cup.

When you click through to Amazon, the page offers both plus and regular sizes of this bra. Be careful! The sizes are listed in the area typically used for colors. If you try to order by color, you might end up with bras that are too small. Check the description and make sure you are getting the size you want!

I really like the looks of these bras. I am planning to order a set of these bras. I had shingles in my bra area about 13 years ago, and to this day I have a lot of discomfort while wearing a bra. There aren’t many that are tolerable, much less comfortable, for more than a few hours. These look like they might work for me though. I like the thick band under the breasts. They also look like they would be breathable. The description and reviews all say they are very stretchy. That sounds like what I need. After I get them, I will come back here, and give you my opinion as to whether or not this is one of the best sports bras for plus size women.


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